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Okay, I just found a strange bug with 1.9.8 involving footnotes/hyperlinks in sideloaded ePubs. When you press the link it appears that nothing happens, but when you turn the page forwards or backwards it takes you to the next or previous page from the one that you linked to.

In other words, the KT still jumps to the page that you clicked on, however it's almost as if it "forgets" to display the new page and still shows the old page that you were on. Tried it on two sideloaded ePubs and the results are the same.

Here's a simple example:
* On page 42, I press a footnote link that is supposed to take me to page 26.
* KT still displays page 42.
* When I swipe to go forward to the net page, it goes to page 27.

EDIT: After messing around with it some more, it appears that it is more than simply displaying the previous page. When you follow the footnote link, the BACK option does not work. It keeps you on the same page, and unlike following the original link, moving back and forth between pages doesn't correct it.

In addition, once you click BACK, next time you open the menu it changes back to HOME. This essentially destroys footnote functionality, as once you follow a link you cannot get back easily to your original place.

I can't say whether this bug was in 1.9.7 or not, but I can say for sure that it wasn't in 1.9.6. This is a huge bummer for me, as I use footnotes for quite a few of my books.

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