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Technical questions on How to Give Away eBooks to Selected Readers

I'm converting my out-of-print books into eBooks and I'll be publishing some new ones as well. They'll be for sale in all the usual formats.

But I also want to offer free copies to subscribers to my blog. I don't want to make them generally available for free. Rather, when each book comes out, I'll notify my readers they can choose what format they want and download a copy.

My questions:

- What is the best mechanism for offering free eBooks to a selected audience? Download from a hidden page on my website? Or from an e-commerce site? Some other site?

- If my subcribers download it this way, is it complicated for the regular person with no technical skills to then get it onto their Kindle or IPad or whatever?

- I've heard that Kindle etc. trawl the internet for prices on eBooks and will lower prices to match the lowest. If I'm trying to sell them on Amazon, I don't want them being given away there. So: Do I need to do the giveaway before it is published by Amazon, Apple, etc. etc.? That is, give them away only as advanced copies?

- Am I missing something here?

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