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OK,i tryed.....PRS+ 2.012beta.exe indeed installs over borodas hack firmware.MY PRS-650 now has original Sony firmware.So-no easy ways for latest borodas hack and PRS+

Ok,i reinstalled borodas 1.05n,moved folder test-setup to reader root,extracted from PRS+2.012beta.exe PRSPInstaller folder and moved it into reader root,did full restarts,deleted PRSPInstaller folder and with changelog txt from reader,set language to russian...all seems fine...but..when i check version i have-its PRS+2.012 beta....boroda hack seems to be gone.As boroda hack had extra buttons in about page,now they are gone.

Did/tryed all i could alone,now im lost.HOW to install boroda 1.05n and PRS+ 2.012 beta after it,keeping boroda?

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