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Originally Posted by kartu View Post

I'm not sure I understand what you're asking.
The "fonts as in LRF" approach should work for absolute majority of epubs.
Note that "/Data" is the root of your internal memory (as seen from internal system), you don't have to create "/Data" folder.
Paths are case sensitive.

You don't. Difference is "if "LexiaDaMa" is not found, use serif".,i just read russian about,how-to russificate PRS-650 with borodas hack (cos it has win-1251 support.).Now i like to put PRS+ above it....but the walktrough i have there:

Как ставить (для чайников) by akinfii

refers to older beta package,and installed via .bat,my reader root... DOESNOT have folder test-startup.Same folders is also missing in latest beta updater package.Can i use PRS+ latest beta exe updater above borodas hack?To keep Borodas hack,and have latest PRS+ too...

Seems updater package wasnt right thing to use.Downloaded full exe.Do it overwrites boroda 1.05n?

BTW,I installed borodas 1.05n via clicking on bat.Downloaded borodas package 1.05n indeed has also folder named:test-startup.I also looked inside PRS+ 2.012 has folder PRSPInstaller and file i need to put into reader root from borodas package and PRS+ 2.012beta.exe to get boroda working with latest PRS+?

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