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Originally Posted by khmann View Post
? wait for 10 minutes of inactivity, and then schedule a full flash on the next update?
and as if we didn't already have enough useful choices, if you do "area updates", you gain 1 more magic update mode - Invert (21)... not that I see a lot of use right now. 3 0 0 599 799 21 > update_display.
10 minutes of activity wouldn't work by itself as people can still manually turn it off.
Since I can't detect the keypress I would have to basically poll the power state every X seconds and then issue a page update or something.
I really want to avoid that though...

Hmm with that invert option I think I've figured out how the Kindle updates the page. First it loads the page into the buffer then it runs a very quick invert then back to white.

If go to the next page and check "/proc/eink_fb/recent_commands" you see a bunch of commands being sent and I think they are numbers...
I tried just copying the characters and sending but that didn't work. Converting to base 10 and sending the ascii didn't work so I'm thinking they need to be sent as actual numbers not text.

I found something interesting as well.
After a refresh /proc/eink_fb/power_level shows on for a minute, but you can echo 2 > /proc/eink_fb/power_level to make it go in to standby.
I wonder if that would save battery life? (I doubt it though as I would think Amazon would have done that if it did) I see no difference in page refresh time when it's on or in standby.

Hmm if you run the ";debugOn" then there are a lot more specific eink log messages in /var/log/messages

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