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Heh, I never actually tested the screensavers.

waitforkey doesn't detect the power switch unfortunately so I'll have to find a way to detect the power state (unless anyone else knows a method)
Err just found one "lipc-get-prop com.lab126.powerd state"
(Btw "lipc-probe -av" shows some pretty cool stuff.)

I'm still not sure how I would detect a state change though...
I'd really rather not have to check every second or something, even then does it really matter?

I like the look of the current one better but I don't like the speed.
The "echo -e "19 0\n18 0\n19 7 > /proc/eink_fb/update_display" one creates blurry text.
I actually like "echo -e "18 2\n19 7 > /proc/eink_fb/update_display" the most even though it creates blocky text.

About the speed of the eink, it seems to depend mainly on the complexity.

You can play around with:
time eips -p
time eips -p 255 (well 0 to 255 but 255 looks really cool...)
time eips 10 10 "Random text"

Everything but the first one takes 0.07s and the first one takes 0.24s

There is some stuff that I found interesting but didn't have time to check out (and probably won't check out for a while):
(Those were from /etc/init.d/video)
Hmm... in the functions file there is something that checks for the existence of /INTERNAL_FEATURES_ENABLED__DO_NOT_RELEASE I wonder what that will enable...

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