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Don't worry. Books loaded onto the Reader from the Sony Connect eBook Store looked almost as crisp as the real thing. You can view the display in either landscape or portrait mode, and we enjoyed the deviceís excellent viewing angles. The E Ink technology means the Reader expends no power while keeping the image on its screen, and Sony boasts the PRS-500 should get you through about 7,500 page views on one charge. We were able toread The Devil Wears Prada without having to hunt for the charger.Unfortunately, the Reader suffers from some major flaws, starting with its preponderance of buttons. Youíll find 14 buttons on the face alone, not including a directional controller and two-in-one page-turning button. Many buttons duplicate othersí features (like page turning, for instance), and many seem unnecessary. After making sense of the layout, users will also notice that the Readerís screen is not backlit, which means you canít read in the dark. Still, we found we could read the deviceís display in dimly lit rooms without tiring our eyes. So you can get more information to go
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