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I seem to be lost guys. I tried the toc button at the bottom of the table of contents tab. Resaved, then ran another epub validation to see what errors I got this time. I received the same ones and I'm lost. Please help!

Here's what threepress said:
epub/toc.ncx(74): assertion failed: different playOrder values for navPoint/navTarget/pageTarget that refer to same target

So I went into Sigil, looked at the toc.ncx file and copied the section in question.

69 <navPoint id="navPoint-10" playOrder="10">
<text>The 5 things to avoid!</text>
<content src="Text/content0011.xhtml" />
74 </navPoint>

Next I went to the content0011.xhtml to see if something was wrong in the coding there. I couldn't find anything other than this:

<h1 class="center" id="heading_id_10"><span class="bold">The 5 things to avoid!</span></h1>

Other than other help that I've read, is it possible the span tags could be creating the issue? Should I remove them or change them to 'strong'?
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