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Originally Posted by ivanjt View Post
One quick thought. You do have the correct update file, there are 2 one for the PE and one for the EE.

Second thought. Is the download good? To check that see if you can open it on your PC.
Thank you!! I think I've finally found the problem, with your help!

Yes, I do have the PE file; however the download apparently is not good. When I try to open it on my PC, it says it's a corrupted file. The dustyfeet one opens fine though, and I've also tried that one several times.

The corrupted file came from Entourage's update instructions, and I downloaded it to the same PC as the dustyfeet one, which apparently downloaded fine. So I'm not sure how to get a good download of the file (I'm not super techy). Any suggestions?

Thank you!

EDIT: It's now updating!! Thank you, thank you! I tried the file from dustyfeet again and made sure that it opened on my computer and showed several zip files inside (as posted by a previous user). Finally!!

Thanks to all who answered!

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