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I haven’t managed to damage the device even though I have subjected it to a fair bit of punishment.

I’ve dropped it from about 4 feet onto the pavement.
I’ve managed to sleep on it for about 7 hours.
It was once launched through a bus with it’s owner attached when the bus driver had to make an emergency brake because some suicidal idiot stepped in front of it without looking.

And it’s been slapped around, jostled into, bumped into and slammed into doors whilst It was in my bag.
Ahh..... the joys of public transport during rush-hour , but it does give me ample time to use the Cybook instead of being stuck in traffic and having to pay attention to all the other road users..

So in my experience the Cybook is less vulnerable than it would first appear.
However I have always kept it in the Cybook cover supplied by Bookeen, which is fairly sturdy. And I’ve given it a bit of extra protection in my bag when I’m not using it, in the form of a modified executive organiser, with foam rubber padding and MDF plates for rigidity.

But for almost all day to day use the Bookeen cover should be sufficient to protect it from damage.
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