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Originally Posted by javese View Post
lcd2eink,a tool runs on your pe which can dump your lcd display to eink.Yet I don't see much use of such a tool,but maybe someone can find an interesting way to use it,so here it is. It doesn't use any PE specific api so it should be able to work on EE as well,but it's not verified as I don't have An EE.If any of you get a chance to try it on EE,please kindly let me know the result.
And as usual,here is how to use:
1.root your PE with Z4root;
2.unzip lcd2eink.apk from the attachment,copy it ito your PE; lcd2eink.apk in you PE to install the application;
4.launch the application,a notification will be added into the notification bar;
5.whenever you want to do a screen dump,pull down the notification bar,and click "capture now!";
6.while in full screen display(such as a game),long press "home" to invoke "recent app",and bring lcd2eink to front .click "capture now!" in it's main window.

the first dump may be a mess because of the "asking for root permission" procedure.then all next dumps should be fine.

you may need to manually set your reader to landscape mode after the first dump,but you won't need to do it any more.

tested on my PE,ermine 0.9,z4rooted.

if you like it,let me know;if not,keep it a secret.
I always wanted a screen capture utility for android!!! excellent!

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