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"I'd go with the Nook Color and root it."

Love the idea but... LCD display... got enough of those... and I'm paranoid the next gen displays are just about to come though... ok the Notion Adam wasn't what I was hoping but now I'm hoping the Mirasol displays will come out...

for me the whole point is that I don't like reading off LCD. I sit indoors and get a headache. I'd rather be on the beach. Is the Nook colour nicer to read somehow?

With a book I read a bit, look up, think.. continue a bit more; it's thoughtful.

With a LCD I get to a point where I just have to go outside and take a break... and I forget what it was I sat down to read! So I generally don't read at all... not now that I travel so much I can't carry books!

Boy, I hope these displays come out on phones then I can carry just one things about
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