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Originally Posted by syclone View Post
I spent quite a bit of time setting up my PEdge, loading apps, renaming the phone apps from *.apk to *.bak , etc. At that point I downloaded the latest Daniel Silva book Portrait of a Spy. The battery was a ~70% at that point. I started reading - the color screen went to sleep, but I noticed that the back of the unit remained pretty warm and seemed to be getting hotter. About an hour later, the unit shut down, totally out of juice.

I put it on charge and got busy with other things. 3 hours later the unit was fully charged so I turned it on and checked my mail, did a little surfing, and went back to the book. It's been on for over an hour, but there isn't the slightest sign of the back getting hot, or even warm.

There's obviously something going on here - some process was running before the shutdown that was taking a lot of power. And it's not running now.

Any ideas? I had to do a hard reset after I renamed Phone.apk, but I didn't do that after I renamed the other phone related file. I'm just guessing here.
My unit got hot once. When it does that, turn it off.

I wonder if flipping the screens back to back will cause the cable to flex and break.. not sure if it's related, but a thought.
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