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Originally Posted by dwanthny View Post
I know what left and right margins are but the above isn't code you removed, it is code that you changed it to. Never mind maybe someone who has a KT will decide to navigate the specifics.

I'm glad you got it working the way you want it to.
Hi dwanthy,

Sorry if I was too brief, but that is what worked for me in the epub I processed. I have just done another, and the .css file was much more complex, so I suggest the following....
  1. Convert the book with Calibre using a strange left and right margin. I used 9pt in this example.
  2. Tweak the converted file and open the stylesheet.css and look for the margins which have 9pt in them - as below
    margin-left: 9pt;
    margin-right: 9pt
  3. Delete from the preceding ":" to the end of the right margin "9pt" leaving the ";" - this makes it easier to delete the correct sections.
  4. Rebuild the epub
  5. Upload to your KT

Hope this helps....

[EDIT] I have since found that it is much better to do this process BEFORE sending the epub to the KT, otherwise it seems that the ?Caibre database gets a little confused and doesn't process the book. The solution to this is to move the epub out of its "Caibre" folder on the KT and into the root folder. Disconnect the KT so it is processed, then delete the epub file and the original author folder and re-load from Calibre again. It is getting rather complicated, isn't it ;-)

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