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Originally Posted by Bookworm_Girl View Post
and allows you to download books directly from websites like Feedbooks and Project Gutenberg
ah... but what about this $0.30c/mb or $3 threshold or $0.10c per email charge... so are we needing a credit card linked?

I love the idea of free 3G globally but I can't help thinking that it's too good t be true, like perhaps someone will create a wifi 3G hotspot teathering app or take the simcard out and the service will somehow be ultra restricted.

I seem t ohave more faith in the Nook being hackable. I found mention of a landscape app for it once rooted that makes .pdf support really good... probably a lot better than trying to reflow via Caliber on the K3... and pdf support for me is really important...

...that said 3G free globally would be really really nice....
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