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[Conversion Output Plugin] AZW output by kindlegen for periodicals

This plugin overrides the default mobi periodical generation routine with another that makes use of the kindlegen program available at here. This project is motivated by the fact that the section/article view introduced since Kindle 3.1 firmware does not work properly with the mobi periodical generated by the default Calibre routine. One cannot have the pointer in that view points to the last article read when he reads an article and uses the "back" button on the device to go to that view (details). Using kindlegen is a viable solution the community comes up so far (details). This plugin ports that solution into the Calibre plugin framework. After installing this plugin, one can simply specify the output format to azw in both command line and Calibre graphical interface to generate periodicals with the problem described above gone.

v1.0.5 [2014/12/07]: Now compatible with Calibre version 2.12. Note I can no longer generate periodicals using the latest Kindlegen (2.9).
v1.0.4 [2011/07/23]: Now compatible with Calibre version 0.8.11.
v1.0.3 [2011/07/22] - Remove sections that are empty (Support Calibre version up to 0.8.10)
v1.0.2 [2011/07/22] - Use kindlestrip (by Paul Durrant) to trim down the result file
v1.0.1 [2011/07/21] - Fix a few typesetting problems (using calibre's own routine) and make it work with one-feed recipe
v1.0.0 [2011/07/20] - Basic done

* Increase its dependency on code in Calibre source. This allows the code to stay in sync with any updates in Calibre.

Latest news (2011/09/08):
There is already a native solution to the problem. Please check here for details.
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