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I'll let everyone know what happens with trying to revive it and if I get it working again. If I don't get it working, whoever is a hardware techie that wants to give it a try can PM me and I will send it it to you, provided you promise to return it to me working or as is (so that I can use it as a very expensive door stopper or paper weight, :-) ).

I do get a clicking sound (like the system usually makes when it is coming on or executing an update command) when I turn it on or try running an update, I just don't see anything on the touch screen side, and the e-ink side is permanently on "Initializing" (even when there is absolutely no battery in it...., what the "H" is it initializing, or is that just meant to torment me some more, like "na nana na na - gotcha! :-) LMBO).
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