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Question Best practices for margins

With several devices now allowing a person to adjust their margins to their liking, what is the best way to specify margin width in an epub? Books that I have bought (for Kobo) have a reasonable margin even when I set the margin width on my device to the minimum which makes me think they must have a margin width set within the epub. I can still make the margins larger if I want to though. However, when I set the side margins (to 5.0pt in the CSS styles) in an epub that I'm creating for a small publishing house, it seems to override any user option on the device - trying to make the margins wider on the Kobo doesn't work. In a nutshell, what I want to do is specify a small left and right margin in the epub so that text isn't right up against the edge on devices where the user can't over-ride margins, but on devices where a user can set their own margins, I would like them to be able to over-ride what I have specified. As I said, judging from some (DRMed) books I've bought, this should be possible. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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