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Pocketbook IQ - Problems reading external SD Card

Hi All

I have a problem with my Pocket book IQ with the external SD Card. The reader is not working. I tried several SD Cards (Sandisk & Kingston v 4.0), including buying a new one and all of them work in my PC or lap top but the reader. This is vital because w/o SD Card I can't enjoy read my pdf books or listen my music or podcasts and that doesn't make sense.

I started noticing problems since I bought the device like it didn't recognizing the names of the files. I didn't give so much importance to that since I could still open them or listen to them.

But a week ago something really weird start happening and it is that the file manager lists the files in my SD Card then I open one of them I read or play but when I finish and want to open other file, the file manager says the SD Card is blank or empty and poof all the listed directory of files is gone. I've tried putting in and out the SD Card but still the same "blank" message. I even tried to format SD Card but when I go to my PC the files are still there and mp3 or pdf files open in my PC or Lap top.

Bottom line, something is going on with the SD Card reader and without it I don't need this reader.

I will appreciate all the advice you can provide me meaning for example if my sd card is properly formatted for this device, maybe the ways I am transferring the files from my pc to the sd card are incorrect (never used ubs cable - but when I connect it to the pc I can see only the internal memory, never the external and I've followed your steps in this thread)
It seems that the reader doesn't want to format or read and the sd card can be read by my lap top or pc.


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