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Is there any way to see what these CSS style sheets look like? I have absolutely no idea what they are or how to put them in Calibre even. I do know that I'm trying to convert .rtf files into ePUb files and I want chapter spacing so each one starts on a new page and I want the paragraphs indented and not spaced one line apart.

I have a Pandigital Novel 7" White and all of my files are in PDF format - which worked great in the reader provided with the 2010 FW that came originally on my unit. When I updated to the 03/02 FW none of the PDF files will display correctly in the reader and I have to use the OfficeSuite app to display them correctly and that loses all of the things you need in a reader - remembering last page read, table of content, tap to turn page, etc. . . .

Can anyone help me with this?
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