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Arrow Just an idea: floating DRM


nobody could give me an idea so far how to give a DRM eBook to somebody legally. From my point of view this is not an technical issue but an organising one. For example imagine a shop selling DRM content. When you buy a book just get a DRM for a specific time on a specific device, lets say a week. Than you can get an other DRM for the next 3 weeks or so. After finishing the book 2 weeks later you would give it your wife for reading but you have to wait one more week to let your DRM on your device expire. Than you order a DRM for 2 weeks (yes my wife reads twice as fast as I) for her device and later you give it as a gift to a friend. The friend should have also an account in this shop and you tell the shop to give all rights of DRM managing for this book to your friends account.
That could work but you depend on the shop and there are many shops. So I like the idea of a global DRM content hoster. Wherever I get some DRM content I put it there and download DRMs for specific periods for specific devices. That could be daily or even for hours and could be done totally automatically. Engineers know a kind of this as floating licence.

Any opinions or even better ideas?

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