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Originally Posted by PeterT View Post
It all comes down to FORMAT, FORMAT, FORMAT..

If these are books that you have downloaded via Adobe Digital Editions (ie the acsm file from the web site that in turn downloads the ePub) then yes; you CAN add the book to Calibre, but since it has DRM in it many of the Calibre features will not work,

On the other hand, if it is the so called "kePub" format then no; you can't do diddly with it.
I find that if I add a book I bought through the Sony ebook (borders) site, I can not read it in the Calibre software due to DRM. Nor get the cover and other info. Is there a way to download it directly to Calibre? Or with the PRS-900 to buy it from the wireless device and then move it into Calibre?
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