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Improved version of seaniko7's script.

I've made the page turning flash disabling more reliable, full refresh every 6 pages, won't mess up menus so bad and I've changed it to use "18 2;19 7" instead of "19 3;18 0;19 7" as I think it looks better, updates faster and isn't blurry.

Note that going backwards a page is often much slower than going forward a page and can make it look bad and the script won't do the full refresh every 6 pages if you turn a bunch of pages rapidly.

Not really sure why I did this as I think the normal is fast enough and looks much better.

The best way to make the page turning really flash-less would be to decompile the book reader, change it and recompile. Or somehow block what it's sending. (Or so I believe)
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