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hrm I'll give it a shot

Originally Posted by DroidEDI View Post
OK, ill bite. Do you mind providing step by step how you got it to work? I tried the verizon one and it doesn't seem to work
I wish I could say I kept meticulous track of every step I made and knew exactly how I got this working. Sadly the reality is more one of semi-conscious experimentation in my spare hours over a very long (and hot) week at work.

I tried many many things but I believe these were the only steps which were influential.

- Used z4root from amazon appstore to root my device permanently.

- Used the titanium backup method to restore google apps+data as per the guides and files on this and xda forum, although many were (and still are) largely non-functional.

- Synchronised my contacts and Email using the froyo email method I found um.... somewhere. I sort of doubt this did anything but who knows.

- Cleared user data and cache from most of the apps ( I can't say which ones for sure, but market and gmail.) Crashed the market and when it restarted it gave me TOS and asked me for my google credentials.

- Had market "running" for a day this way but every download I tried was "Unsuccessful" which is what happens when market is not configured correctly.

- Downloaded that market enabler program, spoofed a verizon/US ID, and absolutely nothing happened. Rebooted, tried it again with the verizon/US setting and this time got a progress bar showing it working. Now market is fully functional.

I actually included this in the rom development thread in the hopes that someone could build similar code into the new rom and alleviate some issues getting to the market. I didn't really expect it to work as is on my device to be honest, but I'm quite happy it did.

Now let's hope this isn't a random isolated success.

I also find it hilarious that this program which is designed to overcome google's security and enable market on devices which aren't allowed access to it.... is now available in the google market!
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