Thread: Development Pocket Edge 2.2 NEW Firmware
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OK, ill bite. Do you mind providing step by step how you got it to work? I tried the verizon one and it doesn't seem to work

Originally Posted by remedy View Post
I doubt this will be of any help but I remember reading that one of the hurtles to overcome was the market identifying your device as an eligible phone in an eligible country.

Anyhow found this program designed to spoof the market in order to overcome that problem. I still could not get my market to work, and I certainly can't garauntee the safety of your device if you wish to start messing around with this, but I figure someone smarter than I may be able to put it to good use.

This is the $5 product page ^^ but read the description and you can get the app for free if you sit through an ad at -

EDIT : Rebooted, spoofed again, and now my market works - Boo Yah
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