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Thinking about the iPad....

Okay, so I have torn through two Sony readers (both being the 505 because I like them best)

First of all I need to sate that i am a klutz. There is no way around it. I slammed my first reader in a car door. I had hurriedly shoved it in my bag and as and got into the car and closed the door it fell out. The entire unit was bent out of shape.

I decide that that was my fault and i really love the reader so I get a new one. What happened to this one is that I was about to go to bed when my phone rang. I sat up - with the reader still laying on the bed and take the call. When I lie back down, I ended up rolling onto the reader. I hear the tiniest snap and when I pick the reader up there is a blanked out corner (upper left) and a few lines streaking through it.

Instead of trying to replace it again I just decide to read my books on my iphone. But it has gotten tiresome trying to read on that tiny screen so here is my question:

I have been fine with reading on my iphone 4 - I don't often read in bright lighting anyways and don't experience any strain reading with that screen - I am kind of leery about the sensitivity of e-ink screens. I've been thinking of getting the iPad 2 as a reader. What have been your experiences and what do you think?

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