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Ok, digging a bit and would I be correct in thinking that pdf-meta.exe is used to determine the author and title of PDF documents?

Running pdf-meta on my renamed document I get the following:

pdf-meta.exe author\ -\ title.pdf
Title : author - title
Author : Unknown
Publisher: None
Category : None
Comments : None
ISBN : None

It looks like libprs500 is taking the Title as shown by pdf-meta and not running the regex to split it based on the filename. I have a whole load of PDF docs that have varying states of correct/incorrect meta data and I'd rather load them into libprs500 using the filenames to determine author and title.

Other than using pdftk and writing a script to recurse through all of my files to insert metadata based on the filename, can we force libprs500 to use the filename instead, even for PDF's?
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