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Thanks again for the replies.

Originally Posted by SCION View Post
I guess the question is why does the stock NOOK not meet your needs?
Good question - I would agree with you on your many points, that the amount of fine tuning (or rather lack thereof) is one example. I like being able to select between various font types, margins, etc. Also, the fact that you can't read/zoom PDFs is a pretty big deal for me.

There are a few other features like deleting books from the device, excessive hyphenation, etc. Really all minor stuff (other than the PDF support).

Originally Posted by SCION View Post
You mentioned wanting to run the Kindle app on it. Why? Do you have Kindle books already? Are some books you're interested in only available from Amazon?
I don't have an affinity for any specific reader (yet), I just know that I will never (willingly) purchase a book from Barnes & Noble. My main reason for using a 3rd party app is to overcome any of the missing features outlined above (and by you, in your other posts). That way, the featureset for my ereader relies on Android Developers moreso than firmware updates from B&N (or Kobo for that matter).

Originally Posted by SCION View Post
What type of navigation and performance capability do you anticipate it having? Do you have specific apps you want to run on the NOOK (besides the Kindle app)? If so, do you know if they work adequately on it?
Here are a few apps that would make all the difference: dropbox, gmail, evernote, and a few rss/blog specific reading apps. As for navigation/performance, I realize it will be choppier than my android phone which is OK. This is still intended to be an ereader, not a tablet.

Originally Posted by SCION View Post
I can't compare the rooted NOOK to the Kobo. Here are my reasons for preferring the Kobo over the stock NOOK.
Like I mentioned before, I was just about sold on the Kobo - there was only one thing that stopped me from purchasing yesterday: no highlighting/dictionary support for side-loaded books. When I read, I frequently highlight/dog-ear/underline passages to go back to. I also frequently use a dictionary to look up words while I read (based on the comments around here, I may be part of a minority!)

I really do like the way Kobo deals with highlights/dictionary, but the fact it only works for Kobo books is a bit of a dealbreaker for me. I understand that future firmware updates may enable that... but I don't want to rely on that. At least with an Android app, I know that I'll be able to do just about all the things I want.
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