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I read through the last couple pages and a couple things I are firstly: I would LOVE to be able to turn the page using the home button, I really wish they hadn't ditched the directional pad in this newest model of Kobo in the first place,but since they did letting it's only button have more than one function would be superb.

2 of course if I were to use the home button to advance the page turn then I think holding the Kobo landscape as an option would go really well with that :-D

3 I think we all agree that bypassing the Kobo's database for a simple file structure tree has been sorely missed through every firmware update..

4 I think it would be nice to have some sort of screen lock feature that would make it so that you couldn't accidentally bump the screen and make you lose your place in any book or menu.. I'm just not sure how exactly that would work..

5 i agree that an easily accessable clock (like on the center-tap menu screen) is kinda puzzling that it actually has to be asked for. Although I had considered that maybe that was left out on purpose, like maybe they figured you wouldn't want a clock on your ereader?

6 the desire for a clock on my ereader made me think that maybe some sort of timer system would be nice. like maybe you could set it up so that it alerted you after exactly 30, 60, 120 or any user set amount of minutes had passed so that way you couldn't loose track of time and show up to your friend's on time maybe try to not get to bed too late..

7 I read somewheres someone had the idea of having the Kobo boot to the current book your reading and I really really like that idea. I mean instead of turning it on and considering do I wanna read something from my top five, or my short list (mine isn't very short: not being able to use a file tree led me to keeping a library and adding any book or article that I want to read more than the other books or articles in my library to my short list "playlist", the only playlist the Kobo currently allows me to make) or even do I wanna browse the library I think turning on my Kobo and being put back right into the exact page of the exact book that I was previously reading sounds a lot more focused and might help me go through my library in more of a straight line rather than a web of unfinished books..

8 I definitely support the idea of turning the page by tapping on the left side of the screen. I wouldn't need it personally but I think it would be a good option to have!

9 I also agree that being able to view your collection (by database or file tree) as a simple title and author list would be much nicer if for no other reason at least you could fit many more books on any one screen

10 last thing I can think of for now: I wasn't the biggest fan of the five pictures of books on your home screen thing to begin with, part of the reason for that is the fact that I can't define which books go on there, but since I started adding a bunch of txt articles to my Kobo (I know, I know I'll probably be better off just converting them to epubs..) I ended up with a bunch of blank book covers on my home page, which was very very unhelpful! I'm not sure I know what the better way is but I guess maybe letting us choose whether we want to have a top five books on our home page that is based on judging our books by their covers at all or least being able to customize the way our home page is laid out might be a good way to go. if they're going to make us wait a while longer before giving us a file tree then maybe they could let us have multiple playlists that we can self title. the next thing they could let us do is define what books go in which playlist through the desktop app (that way we wouldn't have to sit and poke at the touch screen all day) all so in the end we can have little blocks on our home screen (or icons of some other shape or symbol) and each different one was a different user defined playlist, each with the names featured of course.

on second thought maybe it's time for someone to get serious about making some custom firmware for this thing! :-p
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