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Question Rooted Nook Touch vs Kobo Touch?

So I've been devouring information regarding e-readers since my Mom started raving about her new Kindle 3. For the last week I've been reading articles and watching video comparisons over and over. I have to say this forum has been one of the most helpful resources I've found.

Anyways, I was just about set on getting a Kobo Touch for the following reasons:
- most "open" (although I realize with Calibre, all ereaders are pretty much open)
- supported PDF zooming/landscape view
- A bit thinner (not sure if that's a pro or a con)
- the firmware updates as of recent have been impressive
edit: - lack of buttons is a huge plus for me

That said, after discovering that there is lots of activity in rooting the Nook Simple Touch to install Android, it seems like a no-brainer to get an NST. That way I can either use the native Nook reader (which seems to be pretty decent), or I can use any other reader in the Android Market (including Kindle).

I'm pretty set on the NST, unless the feel of it is just unbearable. Other than that, I was wondering if there are caveats anyone is aware of, or any reasons to still favor a Kobo Touch over the Nook Touch?

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