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GETTING AT the audio "file" I recorded (with Audio Recorder)

I've just spent the last hour looking in EVERY FOLDER on my PE!

Yesterday I used the Audio Recorder app to record a meeting. I can see it in Library, but I can't hear it well enough. I also want to back it up for my records.

It turns out if you record something in Audio Recorder it gets BURIED as a data "blob" somewhere in the bowels of the Library. It IS NOT a file! You have to go into Library, click on the "check box" icon in the upper right (to select, duh!) Then you select the recording, click on export and select the folder to export it to.

But beware! Library embraces the 'ol Android schizophrenia! What it calls "SDCARD" is really EXTSDCARD, and "Internal Storage" is the SDCARD folder!

On your computer, rename the file to a .mp4 extension and play it with VLC media player. Other players will probably work also, but I found that if the .aac extension is left on, VLC crashes, but plays the renamed file just fine.
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