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Originally Posted by paola View Post
guys, are you not just amazing?! Thanks to you, fjtorres and kacir, even a monkey like me could tweak Kosta's wonderful sheep theme, and change the settings so that you do not have to create the book directory to see your books - which I wanted to avoid not to mess up things with Calibre transfers.

I left the "Journals" and "Documents" directory, and did not mess with either the German or Russian translations, as I know neither of these languages! I attach both the .pbt file (in a zip file because of the otherwise unrecognised extension) and the tweaked .txt that generated it.
Presumably the same tweak can be applied to all other themes with the requirements of additional directories.
Paola you have helped me before very much and now I think you will again Sheeps is my fave theme too! I have been using it but "Soft" is linking to the games directory and not applications. On the PB 360+ it looks like it deletes the game directory sometimes on boot up I lucked out and was able to restore the apps in there but I can't keep putting apps in games only to have them deleted! I came in late in the conversation so I'm trying to piece together theme editing but it gives me a good feeling that you edited the same theme to do the same kind of thing. I am going to keep looking but if you could sum up how to do something like this in one post I would really appreciate it!
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