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I found out that the 'Alt' button code is 56.

I amended the code and replaced 194 with 56 like as it is underneath but it didn't work:


#let's use some helpers
[ -f ${_FUNCTIONS} ] && . ${_FUNCTIONS}
#big loop
while true; do
#wait for center key
if waitforkey 56 ; then
#wait a while to prevent from turning too many pages at once
sleep 1

Then in the .ini file I amended so:

;; pageturnforward1
P A = !sh /mnt/us/pageturnforward1 &

After I renamed the 'pageturnforward' file to 'pageturnforward1' (also I amended the .ini file by including '1' after filename) so that I would still have the pageturnforward script available as well. I amended as well the keys to press and changed it from P P to P A

Can anyone hint me what I am doing wrong for it not to work?
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