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Oh...that makes sense!

I checked my Kindle 3 keyboard and saw that there is the 'Alt' button that when pressed does not make a key shown. (I sometimes use Alt + B to make bookmarks but I don't use that so much)

Do you think you can make an alternative one with the 'Alt' button to go Page forward? The reason why it would be great is because that way you can hold your kindle with your hands Landscape and press on a key at the bottom rather than at the top. It would be awesome if you can manage to code this!!!

Originally Posted by seaniko7 View Post
Thanks, I'm glad it's useful for you.

As some of you already noticed, script sometimes causes turning more than one page. I've added delay command so it acts more like original next page button. You can find fixed script as well as version without orientation check in first post.

@jeromedevine, yes it is possible to map spacebar key, but it will also bring search box everytime you press it, because my script isn't blocking original funcionality of keys.
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