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Hey seaniko I just gave you good karma! WELL DONE on the hack!
works perfectly

If I may, can I please ask you if it is possible to make the page turn during 'Portrait' mode too. (i.e. being in Portrait or Landscape orientation, when you press the Center Button, it goes forward 1 page). I believe you would need to copy the paragraph of code and make it inclusive after the code for orientation to include the Orientation.

Also is it possible to re-map the 'Spacebar' key to make a next page turn?

Thanks for your great help and dedication.

Originally Posted by seaniko7 View Post
I wrote small script, which activates fiveway center button as third next page button while in landscape orientation.

Copy pageturnforward to root, pageturnforward.ini to launchpad directory, activate it with "SHIFT+P+P" command and you're good to go.

Feel free to play with mapping your own buttons.
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