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Originally Posted by splitpersonality View Post
Hey all - I'm a developer but not an android developer, and I can't get that darn to run. I got the PE version, copied to a USB stick as /, power off, hold menu and rotate, power on while still holding menu & rotate until the 2nd dot appears, but no luck. Interesting though, I get the flashing cursor in the upper right after that for a while, then it seems to start the boot process over as I see it go back to one dot and do a normal boot from there.

Any ideas on how to force that to run? I noticed it's just a zip file with an inside, if only I could just run it!

Edit: anyone know if there are log files somewhere that might give a clue what's going on? Didn't see anything in /var/log :-(
Try install adb and run

adb logcat

I believe I explained how to do it on the first or second page of this thread.
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