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Originally Posted by Misfit410 View Post
I thought that at the least I could make it useful for my niece who has Moebius syndrome and her tongue is too short to speak, if I just could set up one of the text to speech apps so she can type and speak it would have been worth the price, but sadly even those won't work on it.
Can you upload the app you tried? I'll see what I can find out why it's not working. If you decide to upload the app do it in development thread for 2.2 NEW. Thanks.

P.S. Sorry, I didn't realize it might be paid app. Don't post, but if you're willing to send me by pm I'll try to check what's going on. I promise to delete it regardless of the outcome.

P.P.S. OK, I believe I know what's going on:
these apps don't convert text to speech themselves, they send your text to a server, it converts it to speech and sends back as voice. To do that your device - in this case eDGe - has to have a cell connection. That's why they work with cell phones.
I read that PE with Dingo supports 3G modems - that's the possible route for you.

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