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Structure of cache.xml

Hi all,

I'm trying to understand the structure of the cache.xml db file. So far, I've found this:

<text author="Edgar Allan Poe" status="0" sourceid="361" id="365" date="Sat, 09 Jul 2011 23:09:41 GMT" tz="-120" mime="application/pdf" path="Books/Edgar Allan Poe - The Black Cat.pdf" size="99190" title="The Black Cat"/>
  • author: ok
  • status: ?
  • sourceid: ? (seems to change all the time)
  • id: unique, but not arbitrary: the device updates it when disconnected from the computer)
  • date: creation date, UTC
  • tz: time zone (time offset from utc)
  • mime: mime type
  • path: ok
  • size: in bytes
  • title: ok

So basically, what I still wonder about are the status, id, and sourceid fields. Ideas/Advice? Likewise, I couldn't find anything regarding the cacheExt.xml file.

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