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Form factors

Interesting postings. The trouble with keeping the technology inside fixed with different 'shells' is that this is the one part that keeps changing - why many poeple have the same PC box, but have upgraded all the contents. Most people would like to keep the outside device more or less the same, but be able to update the internal software and hardware.

There are a range of form factors in use today: primarily:
- minimobile ortable phone, pocket sized, essentailly wearable
- maxmobile - a chunky smart phone - need a bag or big pockets
- PDA/Gameboy size with variety of orientations
- PDA+/Webtablet - the size used by UPS delivery boys, train ticket sellers and many other clipboard technicials. They are often a basic PDA palmtop computer with a range extra features, such as printers, large screens, multi-wireless
- Laptop comptuer - comes in two sizes, has to be used on a flat surface, cannot be used in a crowded train,or on the street.
- The car - the world's primary mobile technology - increasingly equipt with computing power and wireless connections.

Many people today have several devices, even several mobile phones, and just take the one that is most relevent in terms of size and functions at any given time.
I agree that one of the main challenges facing the industry is how to get the personal portable device to interface directly with a range of input output devices, such as tv screens in the home, in the car, on the train.

James Stewart
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