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Where did my epub go??

Okay I did everything, worked like a dream (I think) I love this idea but.....
Where in the heck does my epub go AFTER I write it. I have searched my whole computer and can find the darn thing!!!!
Will someone please tell me where the heck they go?? Since I couldn't specify a folder for exporting it to.
Please Please with sugar on top??? I have tons of RTF that I would love to make epubs of since they are easier to read on my Kobo.
Also when I was buying .lit books I would convert them with a program that was rude and left a link in all the headers. Now I want to edit them out. If I can do it with one step in OO it would be so much easier than using OO then callibre.

LMAO um after I refreshed my folder there it was. Okay so ignore this post, though being able to specify what folder it goes to would be a HUGE plus Luke.
Thanks anyway all.

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