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Originally Posted by lorenzoens View Post
I laugh my ass off with these self-appointed geeks. You need to find some info by yourself instead of believing what ads tell you.

Pearl IS a Vizplex and it is even CHEAPER than the previous Vizplex generations. The better contrast you are talking about is a matter of better hw/sw integration, and it is NOT MUCh better, you're talking about a 15% better contrast.
Market name is Pearl; market name for 1st gen Vizplex is... Vizplex. The only readers that call it Vizplex anywhere a customer can see it are the latest Sonys. I choose the term that is more widely understood than using "Vizplex 220." Even eInk uses the term Pearl.

Marketing claims are 50% improved contrast ratio, though I haven't measured it personally. I'll be glad to take a color analyzer to the PE and the Kindle 3 using a pure white and a pure black image to check if I get the chance.

As for cheaper, not sure why that matters. It's more expensive today to produce a laserdisc fed over composite than a BluRay fed over HDMI.

Still waiting for a usable version of Triton...
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