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DIY eBooking...

Thanks for all the tips and offers.
I come from a desktop publishing background, am a writer, and keen to get serious with eBook production, so I've bitten the bullet and read HarryT's great works (Book Designer is a MUST) and reached into the deep corners of my brain for what little HMTL knowledge stagnated there, after learning it in the previous millenium (1994), to polish off the ebook files in PFE. I don't mind hard coding the important things.
I never had luck with the Mobipocket TOC wizard.
The eBook I'm making is one of my own, The Art of Office War, and it has about 12 x images, 12 x H1 and about 80 x H2 and H3, plus other assorted fiddily formatting. As for the images, I'm working on having them variable for the end readers' gadgets, ie using the code img hisrc="cover480x640.gif" src="cover220x300.gif" losrc="cover140x140.gif .
If I had more time I'd trawl through Project Gutenberg and dig out some 16thC, so I must express my respect to all of you that do that. One of my next projects is to dig into PG, extract texts, cut them up and collate them into a new title. Just like DJs mashing, I guess.
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