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OS explained

Originally Posted by bouldergramp View Post
Subject: USB update to ermine on new Pocket eDGe

First post to forum and I hope it ends up in the right place.

I tried at least five times to update to Ermine, reverted from Ermine (Froyo) back to Dingo, and tried again.

Everytime I ended up with a Blue eDGe screen with the time in a large font at the top and two "buttons" at the open lock on one side and speaker volume on the other. Pressing keys and tapping the screen did nothing.

FINALLY, I just happened to drag the unlock button to the right and a miracle happened. The blasted screen unlocked and there was my new "desktop".

As you may realize, Android is completely foreign to me but I am a whiz with Windows XP.

I am posting this in case someone else is baffled like I was.
I got an email from my oldest son who explained that Android is basically a smart phone OS and explained why I had to unlock the screen. He also explained Airplane Mode. Since I don't run around like half the population with a phone in my ear this was all new to me.
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