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Man, this is one fun little device!

So after a few hours of messing around with's where im at.

-Upgrade path was from stock 1.6 (registered) to new 2.2 firmware then rooted using z4
-Successfully setup Gmail/Market access pulling market files from DROIDX using Titanium backup
-Everything seems to be working great (Wifi/BT/eInk)...disabled screen animations and installed LauncherPro to tweak homescreen settings, much smoother more lag with homescreen and app draw windows

Currently working on finding an app that will allow for underclocking the CPU...setCPU crashes on run but havnt looked at any others.

Few hours review on the device: Coming from a Gen. 1 Kindle, i'm completely satisfied with the eInk portion of the device. Screen is very legible, refresh rate is about same so it doesnt bother me. The Android portion of the device seems to be on par for a device of it's power. Screen takes a little getting used to as it's not the most responsive. I replaced the stock keyboard with SmartKeyboard and it's much more usable now. I've obtained a few books from Google Book store in ePub format and theyre working great.

Gonna try messing around with a few properties in build.prop to tweak speed...if anything improves ill post. Also looking into various builds of Skype from XDA to see if anything will end up working.

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