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I will need a bit more help, it seems.

This is a clean Python example:

>>> u = ',1518,773071,00.html'
>>> v = urllib2.urlopen(u).read()
>>> soup = BeautifulSoup(v) # this should be identical to Calibre's Soup
>>> img = soup.find('div', {'class' : 'spGalleryBigPic'}).find('img')
>>> type(img)
     <class 'BeautifulSoup.Tag'>
So basically, I want to insert this into the article (below the heading, but for now I just want to get it into the epub article).

So I wrote the following preprocess function:
    def preprocess_html(self, soup):
        soup = soup.find('div', {'class' : 'spGalleryBigPic'}).find('img')
        return soup
which returns what I called img above.

I get the article using:
    def print_version(self, url): 
        'from Spigelde.receipt'
        rmt = url.rpartition('#')[0]
        main, sep, rest = rmt.rpartition(',')
        rmain, rsep, rrest = main.rpartition(',')
        purl = rmain + ',druck-' + rrest + ',' + rest
        return purl
But currently it only works when I do not use preprocess_html.
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