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Device: kindle 3 3g
hello yifanlu:
my k3g is brick,rootfs is bad .How can I apply to your program?i have a img "mmcblk0p1",You can make a tutorial?Thank you very English is a google translation.

************************************************** *
3. Load MMC0 over USB storage
4. Erase MMC0
I. Initialize Partition Table (fdisk) and format FAT
O. Format and overwrite FAT partition
E. Export FAT partition
U. Update using update*.bin file on FAT partition
M. Update using update*.bin file on FAT partition of second MMC port
D. dmesg / kernel printk ring buffer.
Q. quit
Choose: 8 \

# my choose "U"

CHS=4/16/101575 size=3328409600 bytes
flag type first last lba first lba size
Partition p1:
0x00 0x0b 24072 <large> 7688 6493112
CHS: 376/0/9 - <large>
Partition p2:
Partition p3:
Partition p4:
INFO:Setup loop device /dev/loop0 for /dev/mmcblk0p4 + 3936256
INFO:Found update_kindle_3.1_custom_kernel_k3g.bin
INFO:Skipping battery charge check
INFO:Found bundle /mnt-us/update_kindle_3.1_custom_kernel_k3g.bin
*** CHECKING /mnt-us/update_kindle_3.1_custom_kernel_k3g.bin ***
INFO:do_unbundle: filename=/mnt-us/update_kindle_3.1_custom_kernel_k3g.bin, new_file=0x0000db70
ERROR:OTA bundles are not supported.ERROR:do_unbundle: parse_sysbundle_header failed with error code 22
ERROR:Could not unbundle /mnt-us/update_kindle_3.1_custom_kernel_k3g.bin
INFO:removing /mnt-us/update_kindle_3.1_custom_kernel_k3g.bin
************************************************** *

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