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We are just changing stuff in the

This is nothing like any android recovery I have seen. I am not sure what systems you have worked with to call this standard. Besides the fact that its called I see no similarities. There is no manifest, no signature, the structure is entirely different, the update process is all done through the shell script. It does all the flashing and everything. From what I can tell recovery just boots the basic linux ramdisk and executes the shell script.

The kernel, ramdisks, bootloader, etc are crc'd and appended to the file i believe....

#   --------------------------------------------------
#   crc32 check on image
#   - requires that image have appended crc32
#   arg1 : filename of image to verify
#   usage: crc_check tmp.img
#   --------------------------------------------------
crc_check ()
	CRC=`ubicrc32 $1`
	if [ "$CRC" == "0x00000000" ];
We could just change the update script so we could use our own image but if we hose the kernel I don't know how we would recover short of jtag. Thoughts?

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