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muranternet began at the beginning.
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thinredline, it sounds like he got Market by porting over his copy from an Adam.

vicinc, you can actually download items from market? Did you use a Titanium Backup user/system change? I did the same thing from my Droid after downgrading it to CM6.1.2 but it fails to sync. Can you post your method, or a link to it? Never used Beast.

What I wanted to do was not type using characters on the eInk side, but to actually use the eInk side as my output while creating an RTF/DOC file using a USB keyboard or, in a pinch, a keyboard on the LCD screen, though I dislike that method (I learned on manual typewriters and hate tapping on things that don't have switches that click).

The Thunder ROM, if it works on a PE, would probably disable the eInk side.
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