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vicinc no, that's just the way the signature comes out. I'm running CM7 on two other devices. Right now what I have on the PE is ermine beta, swapping storage pointers via fstab so SDCard is actually my SD card, working Google stuff except for Market and Talk (you can get into market and look at things but they never actually download) but GMail and Maps work except for location service, device signature in build.prop switched but it doesn't enable the market, and some other things I wound up reverting because I didn't like them very much. I might try again late to get Link2SD working when I get back to my Debian box to reformat the SD card. I haven't decided whether to play around more with things like the clock, but considering Entourage never released the ermine source (just dingo and coyote) and the lack of ClockworkMod on the PE I don't think I really want to mess with it.

My real problem with getting too far into modifying the PE is that I don't have an achievable goal. Originally I was hoping someone would open up access to eInk for typing, which is what I wanted in the first place. Trying to make that happen, especially with no source or even an accessible hook, is way beyond me; I would sooner get a Nook Simple Touch and crack USB Host capabilities on the micro-port for a keyboard (someone did this on the Droid 1, though it looked annoying).

By the way, if someone wanted to actually cook a new ROM, it seems like they would be better served working in Dingo, which has adb access and almost-full source (depending on which parts Entourage "forgot" to include) and rebuilding than trying to shoehorn things into Ermine, which is a few steps behind actual ROM baking. If I get antsy enough to actually work on it I might try this, but it's really not my area of expertise. It's also a TON of work for a device with a limited userbase.

As the device stands now it's really not very appealing. I have a laptop for portable writing with nearly the same battery life and a bigger screen and a better word processor, a Kindle for reading with a better screen, and a heavily modified Droid I wear on my arm like a PipBoy 3000 for music and portable computing (it even has a PipBoy theme). I was hoping to mod up the PE for writing and to instantly transfer documents to eInk for hand notes, but it's not even doing that much very well. On the other hand, I can save any Word doc I like as a filtered HTML, run it through Calibre to MOBI, and email it right to the Kindle for editing work.

After working on my Droid and Nook Color, the adjective that pops to mind after working with the PE is "frustrating."
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