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Originally Posted by astrangerhere View Post
I've never had this happen. If you seat the reader properly in the clips, it takes real effort to get the reader back out. I dont know about what happens if you drop it or crash into things as I've not managed either of these things with my Industriell case yet. I will say, however, that I had an M-Edge case for my NookClassic and it was easier for that to fall out of the M-edge while reading than the clips have ever been. Not bashing on M-Edge, as its a great for travel and putting the reader in a bag with alot of other things, but all that hold the reader into it are fabric corner slip-overs.
Hmm -- I guess I just had a bad experience with it in store, or it was just seated improperly.

I definitely don't want to do an m-edge case -- I don't like the 4 corner retention design. I want to get something like this, but I'm waiting to see if it is magnetic closure or snap closure. I'd prefer magnetic. I'd also like to wait and see if the cheap aftermarket cases start integrating the clips like the cases at B&N.
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